Wavelength 4

Wavelength 4

Wavelength rear viewLaunched on 26th June 2015 this the first new Australian built reef boat in Port Douglas since 2008 and the most environmentally clean power tour boat on the reef so far. She’s a product of the very latest technology and the best designers and boat builders. We’re VERY excited!

Designed by Incat Crowther Sydney Australia

  • Incat Crowther is the leading commercial catamaran designer in the world for vessels between 18m-40m. Wavelength 4 utilises their latest generation hull design giving fuel economy and ride comfort that wasn’t available in a boat this size until recently.

Built by Aluminium Marine Brisbane Australia

Aluminium Marine has been building powerful commercial catamarans since 1986. They’re now one of the main builders left in Australia renowned for their quality of fabrication and excellence in engineering.

Features for increased passenger comfort

Wavelength top deckAmenities

Wavelength 4 carries up to a maximum of 46 passengers but is certified for 75 offshore. There is seating for 87, so there’s plenty of room.

Comfortable air-conditioned saloon with lounge seating and added passive ventilation when moored to allow a quiet boat with no generator noise.

Large shaded top deck with comfortable upholstered seating and lounge style open helm area.

Sun areas on the aft top deck and bow.

Large panoramic windows in the saloon for great views, including forwards to help avoid seasickness.Wavelength saloon

Two dedicated dry change rooms (no more changing in the toilet compartment!).

Warm freshwater deck showers.

Two toilets.

Ride comfort

Slim hull forms have a super-fine entry, deep forefoot, round chines, and maximum waterline length for a smoother ride at high speed.

High wing deck clearance avoids slamming even in rough conditions.

Optimum width for the vessel’s length means good suitabilty for rough water, with less weight, drag and roll “snap” compared to a wide boat.

Hydrodynamic stabiliser fins improve tracking, especially downwind in large followings seas.

Wavelength_wheelhouse resizeSpeed

A fast boat with a top speed of 29 knots fully loaded, yet extremely fuel efficient at cruising speed which is limited to 25knots (46kph).

Engine installation

Custom engine mounts and sound insulation optimised for minimum noise and vibration.

Water access

A wide back deck with a lowering transom and swim platform make water access easy.

Environmental features

Minimum carbon footprint of construction was achieved by local build, recyclable materials, and welding with the help of solar electricity (50kW solar system at the boat builder).

Super-clean modern technology Yanmar engines (IMO Tier 2) with specialised mufflers for noise reduction and optimum turbo performance giving clean fuel burn and peak fuel efficiency.

Large roof mounted solar panels and smart technology electrical system reduces generator usage.

Interceptors improve fuel economy and speed.

Optimised vessel size for coping well with the local sea conditions yet having a small group experience.

Very low fuel use of approximately 8 litres per passenger. (This emits 21kgs CO2 and is equivalent to about 6 minutes as a domestic airplane passenger. The offset value is about 40 cents, which we add into our reef research fund.)

No antifouling.

All LED lighting to reduce electricity use and generator run time.

Zero emissions at the reef with no water emissions and normally no need to run the generator.

Well insulated saloon reduces air-conditioning useage.

Effluent primary treatment tanks plus holding tanks for all blackwater and greywater.

Eco-sourced furnishings – such as phthalate free high recycled content saftey flooring (made in UK) and phthalate free seat fabric (made in UK).

High recycled content carpet (made in New Zealand).

Reclaimed hardwood tables and counters (made in Port Douglas).

Exterior seat slatting made from recycled plastic and bamboo composite.

Dual digital scroll technology air conditioners minimise electricity consumption.

Opening hatches and windows allow passive saloon ventilation to reduce generator use at the reef.

Recessed anodes to reduce drag and improve fuel effeciency.

Australian made commercial refrigeration with best available efficiency and neutral blown gas insulation.


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