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Before booking – Can you swim? Are you medically fit?

Wavelength trips are NOT suitable for non-swimmers or people with poor medical fitness or mobility difficulties. Snorkelling in open water can be strenuous, even in calm water, but more so if the conditions are not calm. As a guide you should be at least able to swim a pool length without flotation assistance. You should be able to bend down enough to put your fins on and walk up and down a flight of stairs easily. If you can’t swim you should consider an alternative way to see the reef, such as visiting the Low Isles or a reef pontoon.

To snorkel safely you should be medically fit. If you have certain health issues such as heart disease, medical conditions that can result in loss of consciousness, or some lung complaints such as asthma that is brought on by cold water or water mist, then you have an increased risk of injury or drowning. This increased risk is also present in older people due to the higher incidence of medical conditions made worse by physical exertion such as heart disease. If you have a relevant medical condition, are extremely overweight, or are an older person, we strongly recommend you have a doctor confirm that you are fit to participate. If you have any questions please contact us before making a booking.

If you haven’t snorkelled before that’s absolutely fine. For beginners that can already swim, and are reasonably fit, snorkelling is quite easy. We have flotation devices and experienced crew to help you. Most people who can swim will get their confidence within a couple of minutes, even if they’re nervous to start with.

If you like, you’re welcome to come into our shop to get some tips and borrow a mask and snorkel, so you can practice in your resort pool before your trip. Of course you’re also very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We have other possibilities at additional cost such as the option to hire a private guide for the day or the option for a private snorkelling lesson before your trip.

Confirmation of your booking request

Your booking request is not confirmed until we e-mail you back to confirm your contact details and that we have availability. We will also give you a bit more information about things such as what to bring and where to come if you are self-driving. If your booking is last minute for one of the next few days, we will prioritise your reply but please be aware the booking is not confirmed until we phone or e-mail you. You are of course welcome to phone us to check availability.

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