Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

As availability of passenger spaces is limited on the tour provided by Wavelength Reef Cruises Pty Ltd (“Wavelength” and “us” and “we”) a cancellation policy does apply. Our policy includes the following:

  1. A full refund will be given if you cancel your reservation by giving us more than 24 hours notice (this means 24 hours before the day of your departure).
  2. A full 100% cancellation fee applies if you cancel your reservation by giving us less than 24 hours notice.
  3. Should a refund apply, we will endeavour to provide you with the refund using the same method as that for which we received your payment.
  4. A cancellation fee will not apply if we are able to change the date of your travel as mutually agreed upon.
  5. Our policy does not apply to collection of the Government taxes such as the Environmental Management Charge.
  6. Should you not arrive on the day of departure (either by yourself or by pre-arranged pickup) then a refund will not be provided except where you have given more than 24 hours notice to us.
  7. Any refunds will only be credited to the customer that has made the booking.

Cancellation and Refunds for unforseen circumstances

Unfortunately on some occasions the weather is just not suitable for visiting the outer reef. The forecast wind speed, sea state and height of the tide are the determining factors in our judgement of suitability. Our boat is incredibly seaworthy but in extreme weather the journey would be unacceptably uncomfortable, or the sea conditions can be too challenging for snorkelling comfortably. If we we cancel a trip because of these, or other unforeseen reasons, you will be offered a full refund or an alternative day of travel.

Terms of travel

Some of the activities you may participate in while travelling with Wavelength can involve inherent risks. It is important to let us know about any medical conditions that you presently have (or have had) that may impact on you whilst on board our vessel and on any premises operated by us.

In consideration of the right to participate in an activity, you voluntarily assume all risks relating to, or incidental to, such participation and release and indemnify Wavelength from all present or future claims regardless of their nature.

Wavelength reserves the right to refuse to permit any passengers to participate in any of the activities, or to require proof of medical fitness to its satisfaction prior to permitting a person to participate in any of the activities offered.

Wavelength and/or its owners and operators, does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury to, or death of, any passengers whether during embarking, carriage, in-water activities, external tour activities or disembarking, and whether caused by the negligence or otherwise however caused by of any of its servants or agents, and any liability for any claims or demands whatsoever in respect of any injuries or death however caused is hereby excluded.

Further, no liability, either express or implied, will be accepted for the loss of or damage to luggage, personal possessions of any kind or equipment carried by Wavelength.

If any term or condition contained here shall be rendered null or void by the Trade Practices Act 1974 as amended, this contract shall take effect as if any such term or condition be void, but only to the extent that the same is inconsistent with the Act.

Wavelength reserves the right to refuse entry into or upon any vessel, vehicle or part of Wavelength’s property to any person deemed by Wavelength employees to be intoxicated, abusive or acting in a threatening manner to any Wavelength employee or other person. The directions of any Wavelength employees MUST be obeyed at all times and any refusal to co-operate may result in you being excluded from the tour. No refund will be issued to passengers that do not adhere to these requirements.

Wavelength may at any time alter the schedule of it’s tours, pricing or substitute a vessel for another at any time without notice. Should this materially impact your tour, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes. Wavelength reserves the right to cancel the tour for any reasons it thinks fit, (including, but not limited to, weather conditions and minimum passenger numbers) but will endeavour to offer another date of travel to you if that is possible.

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