Eco Certified - Advanced Ecotourism


Wavelength is proud that we were one of the very first Advanced Eco-accredited tourism operators in Australia. We’re also an accredited Climate Action Business, acknowledging our efforts to adapt and reduce carbon emissions.

The Eco Certification Program is globally recognised to assist travellers to choose an experience that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Our own environmental philosophy

We strongly believe in trying to represent the best practices for ecologically sustainable tourism, and on providing a personal experience of nature in ways that lead to greater understanding and appreciation.

We’re also mad keen on marine science and want to encourage better understanding of its role as an essential part of sustainable management of our reef. Hopefully this helps people gain enthusiasm to investigate beyond media headlines or political slogans, to comprehend the complexities of the reef and best managing our resources. This should help lead towards more sensitive interaction with our natural environment and better decision-making, especially on climate and pollution issues.

We’re anti “green-washing” and are genuinely committed, even though many choices are indeed difficult and these need to be confronted. Whilst less impact could result from being totally minimalist, this would only really achieve something on a personal level. We believe that in our role encouraging passion for the spectacular and fascinating beauty of the reef, and demonstrating best practices, we have an opportunity to make a positive difference.

At Wavelength we deal with our own carbon output firstly by minimising it and then by contributing the monetary value of our remaining carbon footprint to organisations that carry out climate and coral reef advocacy. Since this doesn’t qualify as a carbon credit we don’t claim to be carbon neutral. Our fuel use on Wavelength is 9 litres of diesel per person. This equates to about 100km in a car, less than 10 minutes as a passenger on a commercial flight, or the production of about 1kg of beef.

Check your tour operator's eco certifications - if it's good for the environment, it's good for you!

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