These links will help you find out more information about the Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Australian Institute of Marine Science

James Cook University ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Reef and Rainforest Research Council

Australian Coral Reef Society

More information about reef conservation issues:

GBRMPA 2016 bleaching updates

Australian Marine Conservation Society

National Environmental Science Programme – Tropical Water Quality Hub

NOAA Coral Bleach Watch

NOAA Climate Data

Bureau of Meteorology Sea Surface Temperature – Actual and Anomaly (present and previous)

Bureau of Meteorology Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly – Forecast

NASA Centre for Climate Sciences El Nino information

GBRMPA Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Eye on the Reef

The Climate Council

The Climate Institute


Fitzroy Island Turtle Hospital

For any readers who are still skeptical of climate change, or suspicious of climate information from environmental groups, we encourage them to refer to information from other reputable sources. A good example is The American Chemical Society Climate Science Toolkit. The ACS is the largest scientific society (based on membership) in the world. Established in 1876, the society’s membership covers all areas of chemistry such as organic, industrial, petrochemical, and agricultural.

For more information on local weather:

Bureau of Meteorology Local Waters 3 Day Forecast

Bureau of Meteorology 7 Day Isobaric Chart

Windyty weather maps

To see what the tides are up to:

Bureau of Meteorology Tide Predictions for Port Douglas

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