Cancellations, Refunds, Our Terms & More

Cancellation and Refund Policy

You tour is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation from us (our booking page is not “live”).

  1. A full refund will be given if you cancel your reservation by giving us notice more than 24 hours before your departure.
  2. No refund will be given if you cancel your reservation by giving us less than 24 hours notice or if you miss your tour.
  3. If you want to change your date of travel you need to give us at least 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled departure.

Cancellation and Refunds for Unforseen Circumstances

Unfortunately on some occasions the weather is just not suitable for visiting the outer reef. The forecast wind speed, sea state and height of the tide are the determining factors in our judgement of suitability. Our boats are incredibly seaworthy but in extreme weather the journey would be unacceptably uncomfortable, or the sea conditions can be too challenging for snorkelling comfortably. If we we cancel a trip because of these, or other unforeseen reasons, you will be offered a full refund or an alternative day of travel.

Terms of Travel

Some of the activities you may participate in while travelling with Wavelength can involve inherent risks. It is important to let us know about any medical conditions that you presently have (or have had) that may impact on you whilst on board our vessel and on any premises operated by us.

In consideration of the right to participate in an activity, you voluntarily assume all risks relating to, or incidental to, such participation and release and indemnify Wavelength from all claims regardless of their nature.

Wavelength reserves the right to refuse to permit any passengers to participate in any of the activities, or to require proof of medical fitness to its satisfaction prior to permitting a person to participate in any of the activities offered.

Wavelength reserves the right to refuse entry into or upon any vessel, vehicle or part of Wavelength’s property to any person deemed by Wavelength employees to be intoxicated, abusive or acting in a threatening manner to any Wavelength employee or other person. The directions of any Wavelength employees MUST be obeyed and any refusal to co-operate may result in you being excluded from the tour. No refund will be issued to passengers that do not adhere to these requirements.

Wavelength reserves the right to alter the schedule of the tour, substitute a vessel for another, or cancel the tour without notice if circumstances require it to do so. Should this materially impact your tour, we will endeavour to notify you of any changes.

Online Bookings

Total freedom to swim at your own pace. Go where you want, when you want. All Equipment Included

Online Bookings

Our Locations

Full Day Snorkel Tours

Our full day snorkel tours visit three outer reef sites, each day. The skipper picks these on the day, from our wide selection of exclusive outer reef moorings. Our aim is to show you the best reef, and the diversity of reef types.

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A Day With Wavelength

Commences with check-in at 8am and returns to Port Douglas around 4.30pm. In between you’re going to see and learn all about the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Reef Interpretation

Wavelength employs qualified marine biologists as crew, in order to offer a high level of interpretation of the Great Barrier Reef. They provide guided snorkel tours and reef talks.

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As one of the FIRST holders of certified Advanced Ecotourism, Wavelength are one of Australia’s leading ecotourism businesses. We’re committed to low impact reef tourism.

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Eco Certfied- Advanced Eco Tourism
Climate Action Business
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Eco Certfied
Eco Certfied

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