Wavelength research assistance

Wavelength has free spaces available to help researchers to access the outer reef for field studies. These positions are mostly coordinated via collaboration with James Cook University and the ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. If you are a researcher and wish to enquire about the feasibility of a particular project contact us.

Current crew research

Johanna is currently working on her PhD utilising her virology experience in studies on coral disease and interactions with certain species of farming damsel fish.

Citizen Science

The Eye on the Reef program is one of the best ways to get involved in helping monitor the health of the reef. The basic level of survey is Rapid Monitoring, which passengers can learn to do quite quickly. Our crew carry out Tourism Weekly Monitoring, and also the more complex surveys which are Reef Health and Impact Surveys (RHIS). It’s possible to get trained up to undertake these surveys and contribute to knowledge of what’s happening on the reef. In addition, Eye on the Reef has an App which works along side its Sightings Network to be able to log significant creature or event sightings, including Crown of Thorns starfish occurence.

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