Reef Creatures

Creature Features!

  • Turtles

    Six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are found on the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas. Wavelength gives you the opportunity to snorkel with these gracefully swimmers..

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  • Whales

    We're very fortunate whales spend some time in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. During whale season, we may make detours to see these majestic creatures up close...

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  • Clownfish (Nemo!)

    Clownfish belong to a group of small, brightly coloured fish called damselfish and many species of clownfish are found all over the Great Barrier Reef. Made famous as "Nemo", you can't pass up the chance to see them...

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  • Maori Wrasse

    Humphead Maori wrasse are one of the largest reef fish in the world and are commonly seen on the Great Barrier Reef. They have thick fleshy lips and a large hump that forms on the head. Has to been seen to be believed...

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