St Crispin Reef

Great Barrier Reef's underwater flower gardens!

diverse-fish-on-the-reefSt Crispin Reef is home to an abundance of marine life and some spectacular coral formations. The sites we sometimes visit are at the southern end and include the affectionately nicknamed “Flower Gardens”.

Life on St Crispin

At this site you’re greeted with an absolute myriad of fish, from huge schools of fusileers and sergent major fish, to the always lovely greetings of numerous sweetlips.

nemoThe gap at the southern end of St Crispin also features feather stars – they’re everywhere. Our guests are often treated to the arrival of bumpheaded parrotfish, many wrasses and butterflyfishes, and some very shy reef sharks.

As coral vistas go, it’s not called the flower gardens for nothing. The coral at this location is joined with deeper sandy patches that have an abundance of sea cucumbers and giant clams.

This area of the reef is also good for the small things; there’s lots of smaller creatures around like brightly coloured nudibranchs, seasquirts, sea urchins and hermit crabs.

Ok, where can we find St Crispin Reef?

St Cripsin Reef is situated about 35 miles off the coast of Australia, right in the Coral Sea. The journey to St Crispin Reef can take about an hour and a half. Flower Gardens is near the gap at the southern end where the water flow encourages prolific coral growth.

St. Crispin Reef is classified by the Marine Park Authority for "Intensive" use which means that larger boats can visit this area. However, as there are only four moorings available (of which Wavelength has two) meaning this reef is still amazing.

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