Tongue Reef

Exclusive Wavelength only site to swim with turtles!


Why is it called Turtle Bay?

With approximately 8 resident green sea turtles, including the regular characters such as “Friendly Girl” and three flippered “Lucky”, the chance to encounter one of these endangered gentle giants in its natural surroundings is one of the highlights of this site.

Turtles are far from all this reef has to offer though. The site is a really special location, being a small bay in a satellite reef on the very edge of a major gap in the outer reef with lots of water flow. For many of the crew this is a favourite. With our exclusive access you’re almost guaranteed to be able to swim alongside turtles, but there are ofen encounters with other megafauna and pelagic fish. The only downside is the site is not suitable to use when a very large swell is running outside the reef.

You mean there’s more to see?

chromisThe site has very good coral cover varying from large boulder corals and bommies at the bay entrance to pinnacles and patches of hard coral and gardens around the edges. One of our favourite spots is “shark alley” (don’t worry – the most common sharks we see are the smaller reef sharks which pose absolutely no threat to humans!) – Turtle Bay provides the opportunity to see a huge range of the reef’s favourites, in one of the most interesting underwater environments.

Where can we find Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay is situated about 30 miles off the coast of Australia, right in the Coral Sea. The journey to Turtle Bay can take about an hour and a half, but the trip is well worth it. You can explore the map below to get a feel for how close the Great Barrier Reef is! Turtle Bay is on the far north east of Tongue Reef.

Turtle Bay is a low impact reef area and Wavelength has exclusive access to this amazing natural site. Snorkelling with turtles is an experience you will never forget!

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