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At Wavelength we strive to do everything possible to provide the best outer reef experience available in a day trip, in a low impact way. Being locally owned and operated by marine biologists, we’re focused on small groups with a high level of interpretation. It makes the day more rewarding and more fun, for everyone.

Our Guests

Wavelength has a maximum group size of only 48 passengers. Small numbers ensures personal, friendly service and provides the best possible wildlife viewing.

Our Crew

Pride themselves on providing the best Great Barrier Reef experience possible. We’re passionate about reef education and customer experience.

Port Douglas Full Day Reef Snorkel Tour

Welcome Aboard

Your day with Wavelength begins with a courtesy transfer from your accommodation to our shop at the Reef Marina. You’re greeted there for check-in at 8am, then board the vessel where tea or coffee is available. Our crew will then introduce the itinerary and provide a safety briefing.

Our Boat

Wavelength 4 has been designed and built in Australia utilising the latest technology to enable access to the outer reef with the most comfort and least impact.

Reef Sites

We visit three outer reef sites each day. The skipper picks these on the day, from our wide selection of exclusive outer reef moorings. Our aim is always to show you the best reef, and the diversity of reef types.

The Snorkelling

Snorkelling is the perfect way to see the reef allowing maximum freedom to swim at your own pace where you want. The small group allows a more intimate, genuine, close to nature experience.

Wavelength's ~ Full Day Outer Reef Snorkel Tour

The Journey

Wavelength departs Port Douglas’ Reef Marina taking you on a 90-minute trip to the edge of the continental shelf. Passing Low Isles en route, we often encounter dolphins and in winter may see dwarf minke or humpback whales. The journey is a good opportunity for our crew to get to know you and answer any questions you have about the day. During this time, you’ll be fitted out with quality snorkelling gear.

Let’s Snorkel

On arrival at the outer reef the snorkel advisor conducts a comprehensive gear and safety brief and, if it’s your first time snorkelling, we have plenty of time to help you feel comfortable. Once in the water guests are free to explore the reef under the expert advice of our crew. A difference with Wavelength is that the crew spend more time in the water with you to help you get going and to point things out.

Second Site

After morning tea (and some time to reflect on the weirdness of invertebrate life) we move along to another one of our many sites, chosen to suit the conditions on the day. Here, with passengers having mastered their snorkelling skills, we conduct guided snorkel tours. Our marine biologists help snorkellers discover aspects of the new site that might otherwise be missed, and point out some of the multitude of life forms. On a guided snorkel tour it’s possible to be handed a small number of different creatures, though we have strict guidelines on what can be touched so as to protect the integrity of the reef.

A Deli-style Lunch

The delicious deli-style lunch is vegetarian and includes a range of salads, arancini balls, char-grilled veggies, spinach and feta pastries and mini quiches, cheese, eggs and rolls. Water, soft drinks, coffee and tea are also available. Wavelength can cater for different dietary requirements including lactose and gluten free. We don’t serve prawns due to the significant by-catch associated with them and we don’t serve meat as reducing meat consumption is one of the easiest ways an individual can reduce personal carbon emissions.

Reef Talks

During lunch, our marine biologists conduct our interactive reef talk. This is where you can ask questions on anything that you’ve seen through the day or simply sit, relax and learn all about the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef.If you’d rather just chill out you don’t have to listen to the talks.

Third Site

Once everyone’s appetites have been satisfied and all questions answered we head to our final site of the day, where, with a better understanding of the reef, guests are free to adventure further.


Following afternoon tea we head back with the wonderful view of the sun dropping towards the rainforest clad mountains. Wavelength arrives back in Port at approximately 4.30pm.

What Should You Bring With You?

We will provide wetsuits, snorkelling equipment, food, water and all the things that you need to see the reef, however, we do recommend bringing along a small bag with some personal essentials. We suggest you bring:

  • Bathers
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Change of clothes
  • Jacket or Jumper (in Winter)
  • Sea sickness medication or measures
  • Towel

Passengers are more than welcome to bring their cameras along, but you should be careful with salt spray on the boat. We can’t be held accountable for the safety of your equipment. You can always let us worry about the photography!

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Total freedom to swim at your own pace. Go where you want, when you want. All Equipment Included

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